🔥 BLACK FRIDAY SALE 🔥 Super great deal this year!! from now to 12/8

🔥 BLACK FRIDAY SALE  🔥 Super great deal this year!!
Up tp 70% off, historically LOW price
From Now To 12/8

From now to 12/8 , up to 70% off!!!


你還在猶豫要不要幫書櫃補書嗎?近來逛逛網站就知道好不好買了! 今年還沒買到什麼書的,明年與親子的bedtime story and 中文環境建立就趁這時候啦!
目前warehousebuy也同步進行,來倉庫盡情買書也是網站價格喔,可以私訊我們預約~~(地點在Santa Clara, 95050)

Come on🔥!! I know you hesitated to buy everything this year. I am, too! Everything goes expensive, so you have to control your budget on everything.

BUT during this Black Friday, Gloria’s give you super great deal to buy books for the year. I have to say, this year, Gloria’s provides historically low price on black Friday sale. Lots of popular publishers and great books to clear before 2023.

Up to 70% off, have you seen the deal ⁉️ Come to the website and browse all the books. You would know this is the best time to stock your Chinese home library. 📚

With these books, enjoy your story time with your little ones  Unwrap the magic of learning Chinese Dive into a world of imagination at exclusive discounts. Gift the joy of reading this season. Act fast, Mom – these deals are too good to miss! Shop as much as you can!!  Save big on every purchase.

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💁🏻‍♀️We have books suitable for 0-12 years old, picture books, bridge books, sticker books, magnet books, flash cards, cantonese audio books, parenting books……

If you live in bayarea, warehousebuy is really welcome! We are open on Friday morning 8:30~11:30, just message us!


🇺🇸 We ship nationwide !
🏠 Available for online purchase and warehouse purchase.
★ warehouse purchases require an appointment
★ Inventory may vary sometimes, if items go out of stock, you will be given a refund. Sorry for any inconvenience.