Welcome to CLIPCO’s 2022 Chinese Book Fair

Welcome to CLIPCO’s 2022 Chinese Book Fair

10% Storewide discount except furniture, with free delivery to school with discount code:JMbookfair  (pls use the code and select "pick-up" when checkout)

★★ Discount code expires at event’s end, 11:59PM 11/4/2022 ★★

Discount is for Muir, Muir/Cuperdoodle and Miller students only; books can be delivered to schools only. Must specify your student’s name and classroom number in the “Special Instructions to Seller.”

In stock items purchased by 10/30 will be delivered during the week of our Scholastic Book Fair 10/31-11/4. In stock items purchased 10/31 to 11/4 will be delivered to school 11/7-11/10. Pre order items will be delivered when they arrive by sea.

Please note that items on Classroom wish lists are donations to the classroom.  For personal purchases, please use the main page.

A recommendation list by grade level has been provided for guidance only, all items in store eligible for 10% discount except furniture.

Classroom wishlists for participating teachers 

Rm 5 – Deng https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm5
Rm 6 – Chan https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm6
Rm 8   HUANG https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm8
Rm 10 – Tao
Rm 11 – Zhong https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm11
Rm 13 – Sung https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm13
Rm 14 – Chen https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm14
Rm 15 – Liang https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm15
Rm 16 – Tsai https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm16
Rm 19 – Yang https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm19
Rm 22 – Cheung https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm22
Rm 26 – Cuperdoodle Chung https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm-26-cuperdoodle-chung
Rm 27 – Cuperdoodle Chang https://glorias-bookstore.com/collections/rm27


Recommendations by grade level